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One to rule them all

The NRG Amplification NUCLIDE is a 2.6 channel 80W tube amplifier. It features two primary channels, each equipped with dedicated controls for shape, gain, shift, bass, middle, and treble. The unique shape control allows for tone shaping within the preamplifier before the gain stage. Rotating it counterclockwise enhances bass and overall gain, while turning it clockwise reduces lower frequencies and accentuates the upper frequencies. Each channel offers six distinct gain settings, which can be easily selected via the up/down switch on the front panel. These settings include clean, distorted clean, crunch, and three high-gain options. The NRG Amplification NUCLIDE combines ultimate versatility in a compact package, making it the ideal all-in-one solution. In essence, it’s the ‘one to rule them all’.

Total control

The Nuclide can be controlled either through a separate footswitch or via MIDI. With a 2-button footswitch, you can easily select channels and control the FX-loop. However, for comprehensive control, MIDI is the key. You can program MIDI commands for settings such as channel selection, gain settings, noise gate, and the FX-loop. Utilizing MIDI provides the utmost flexibility in controlling this amplifier.

The power amp you'll love

The power amplifier of the NUCLIDE is truly exceptional. Each channel is equipped with dedicated master volume, presence, depth, and feedback (NFB) controls, giving you complete control over it’s power section. On the back of the amplifier you will find external bias adjustment for each of the power tubes which makes it easy to change tubes. The power amp is powered by two 6550 power tubes, capable of delivering up to 80W of output power, which is more than sufficient for even the largest stages.


  • Preamp topology: 2.6 channel (6 different sounds per channel)
  • Preamp valves: 5 x ECC83S
  • Power valves: 2 x 6550
  • Output power: 80W
  • Power amp outputs: 4Ω, 8Ω and 16Ω
  • Noise gate: selectable per channel
  • Input voltage: 115VAC/230VAC
  • Footswitch output: Channel / FX loop (footswitch not included)
  • MIDI input: TRS (Type-A)
  • FX-loop: tube buffered (serial)
  • Bias adjustment: External (for each tube)
  • Dimensions: 47 x 23 x 27 cm (excluding feet and handle)
  • Shipping dimensions: 54 x 34 x 32 cm
  • Weight: 15kg